Monday, April 27, 2009

Webs designing during the recession

Website Design businesses during a recession?

We are currently in what is possibly the worst economic crisis in history.
Web design companies and Web designers are almost certainly wondering if they are safe or not.
This all comes down to one question. Will companies spend money on Web Design? The answer is :
In the short run: they will spend less
In the long run: they will spend more
My reasoning is based on my years of experience as a business owner and on my interpretation of the existing marketplace.
In the short run
People are uneasy at the moment. They listen to all the downbeat news and thus they are withdrawing from their expenditures and waiting to see what happens.
At this point you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Web Design. Well, for quite a few months of the recession, you will notice a slowing down in the Web Design business. Companies are worried, too.
So, what should you do as a Web Design owner or a Freelance Web Designer?
You sell cheap!
Instead of offering out of budget quote for web design jobs, offer more cost-effective Web Design packages.
You can easily do this by employing a blog as a base and then influence a pre-made web template that you would modify. With this type of package, you can offer customers the functionality found in a blog/CMS with an attractive website layout for just a fraction of the cost. It will take much less time for you to launch the website.
In the long run
I think that once the preliminary upset of the recession passes, companies will once again start to look at economical ways to obtaining new customers and to reduce the cost.
The web is ideal for this so this is where they will turn. Web Design companies and Web Designers will need to be able to offer some web marketing ability for the sites that are thinking of branding. The Web Design companies who are offering this will have a greater ability to attract new customers. Thus, understanding how Google Adwords can be used with a well established website is something interesting to look in. Also, you will need to have an improved grasp on dynamic web technologies like PHP and AJAX in order to attract new customers.
In conclusion, the present recession does not bring catastrophe for Web Design companies but what it means however is that you will have to adapt to the current reality.
For those who adapt, it can be a very advantageous time.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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